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Industries that use pumps, seals, and pipes will almost certainly also use valves in their systems. Someone in each industry needs to be able to design, purchase or maintain the right valve for the job in hand, which can amount to many valves worldwide. Here is a single resource aimed at designers, end users, and engineering staff. The author is a well-known consultant with a considerable publishing record. A lifetime of experience backs up the huge amount of practical detail found in this volume. Its international approach is no accident: it will have worldwide take-up.

Book Content:

Front Matter
• Table of Contents
1. Definitions and Abbreviations
2. Properties of Fluids
3. Isolating Valves
4. Non-Return Valves
5. Regulators
6. Control Valves
7. Safety Relief Valves
8. Valve and Piping Sizing
9. Piping and Connectors
10. Noise in Valves
11. Valve Stem Sealing
12. Actuators
13. Valve Materials
14. Instrumentation and Ancillaries
15. Quality, Inspection and Testing
16. Standards and Specifications
17. Installation and Maintenance
18. Some Applications and Solutions
19. Valve and Actuator Selection
20. Fluid Properties & Conversions
21. Buyers’ Guide
• Index to Advertisers
• Acknowledgements

Handbook of Valves and Actuators – Valves Manual International



Handbook of Valves and Actuators PDF

Author(s): Brian Nesbitt

Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann, Year: 2007

ISBN: 9781856174947,1856174948

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