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Small Unmanned Fixed-wing Aircraft Design is essential to designing, building, and testing fixed-wing UAVs (or drones). It deals with aircraft from two to 150 kg in weight and is based on the first-hand experiences of the world-renowned UAV team at the UK’s University of Southampton.

The book covers both the practical aspects of designing, manufacturing, and flight testing and outlines the essential calculations needed to underpin successful designs. It describes the entire process of UAV design from requirements definition to configuration layout and sizing, through preliminary design and analysis using simple panel codes and spreadsheets to full CFD and FEA models and on to detailed design with parametric CAD tools. Its focus is on modest cost approaches that draw heavily on the latest digital design and manufacturing methods, including a strong emphasis on utilizing off-the-shelf components, low-cost analysis, automated geometry modeling, and 3D printing.
It deliberately avoids a deep theoretical coverage of aerodynamics or structural mechanics rather it provides a design team with sufficient insights and guidance to get the essentials undertaken more pragmatically. The book contains many all-color illustrations of the dozens of aircraft the authors and their students built over the last ten years, giving detailed information on what works best. It is predominantly aimed at undergraduate and MSc students who design and build projects. Still, it will interest anyone in the practical problems of getting quite complex unmanned aircraft flying. It should also appeal to the more sophisticated aero-modeler and those engaged in research-based around fixed-wing UAVs.


Download Small Unmanned Fixed-Wing Aircraft Design. A Practical Approach PDF 

Author(s): Andrew J. Keane, Andras Sobester, James P. Scanlan

Publisher: Wiley, Year: 2017

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