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We delight in disseminating information regarding natural medicine and alternative therapies for physical healing. We intend to accommodate all wellness modalities. This opportunity presents our collection of herbal medicine literature in PDF format, which will assist you in beginning your studies in this field.

Humans have used vegetation for therapeutic purposes since ancient times. In fact, the power to heal was prevalent in ancient cultures, and its study led to the development of pharmacology. Discover this potential in our publications on herbal medicine.

Herbal medicine can be defined as the study of plants and their medicinal properties to treat or cure a wide range of conditions, from minor wounds to complex chronic pathologies like cancer.

Herbal medicine is frequently used as a synonym for natural medicine. It is closely related to traditional medicine, which evolved from the former and is now a distinct disease treatment method.

Even though the study of herbal medicine focuses on plants, we cannot state that it involves any kind. It is restricted to studying plants or botanicals with medicinal or therapeutic properties. These contain active ingredients that exert effects on the body.

Herbal medicine addresses both the general health of the body and its prevention, as well as specific health issues, such as acute and chronic disorders in addition to traditional Western medicine and other methods.

Herbalists are those who are responsible for the study of medicinal herbs and vegetation.

Discover the wondrous world of medicinal plants and their countless properties and health benefits by perusing our more than 15 herbal medicine books in PDF format, which are immediately downloadable to your electronic devices.

Herbology Books Free PDF

1) Plants for life: Medicinal Plant Conservation and Botanic Gardens

Belinda Hawkins



2) Medicinal Plants




3) Introduction to Traditional Medicine

Steven Kayne



4) Medicinal Plants at Risk

Emily Roberson



5) Antiparasitic Phytotherapy Perspectives, Scope and Current Development

Jhon Carlos Castaño Osorio,Alejandra María Giraldo Garcia



6) Herbal Medicine for Depression and Anxiety: A Systematic Review with Assessment of Potential Psycho-Oncologic Relevance

K Simon Yeung, Marisol Hernandez, Jun J. Mao



7) Plant-Based Medicines for Anxiety Disorders, Part 2: A Review of Clinical Studies with Supporting Preclinical Evidence

Jerome Sarris,Erica McIntyre,David A Camfield



8) 10 Medicinal Plants of Pakistan

Mohammad Awais



9) Study on Actual Situation of Medicinal Plants in Ethiopia

Endashaw Bekele



10) Is Traditional Medical Practice in Africa Still Community Property? – Lessons from Zimbabwe

Charles Dhewa



11) Medicinal Plants of South Africa (Presentation)

Directorate Plant Production



12) Adding Health Benefits and Flavor to Your Food With Herbs and Spices (Presentation)

Blaire Morris



13) Peppermint a Medicinal Herb and Treasure of Health: A Review (Article)

Parv Nayak,Tankesh Kumar,AK Gupta



14) Concerns Regarding the Safety and Toxicity of Medicinal Plants – An overview (Article)

Philomena George



15) Chinese Phytotherapy to Reduce Stress, Anxiety and Improve Quality of Life: Randomized Controlled Trial (Article)

Leonice Fumiko Sato Kurebayashi



16) Best Herbs for Managing Diabetes: A Review of Clinical Studies (Article)

Ahmad Ghorbani



17) A Review on Herbs, Spices and Functional Food Used in Diseases (Article)

Megha Sharma,Alka Gupta,Ranu Prasad



18) The Health Benefits of Herbs and Spices (Article)

Pollock Communications



19) Current and Future Status of Herbal Medicines (Article)

Sheetal Verma,S P Singh



20) Phytotherapy of Diabetes in West Algeria (Article)

H Hallali,H Benmehdi, M A Dib


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