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Humans endeavor to feel comfortable in every aspect of our being. The pursuit of ideal states like peace, contentment, and health can give our lives meaning and value. In this regard, we desired to compile a series of PDF-format energy healing books that approach wellness from various perspectives.

With this collection of literature on energy healing, you will realize that this is a complex process that extends far beyond the treatment of a physical illness. This form of healing should not be confused with medical/clinical healing, despite illness serving as a springboard for total energy healing.

Medical healing refers to the corporeal aspect and employs conventional medical treatments. Energy healing transcends the physical and embarks on a voyage toward mental, emotional, and spiritual health, which are frequently more important than physical health alone.

Moreover, numerous scientific studies have demonstrated that when a patient has a positive outlook and cultivates their spiritual side, their prognosis for recovery is often improved, and many even make a full recovery. The individual’s mental, emotional, and spiritual state plays a crucial role in treating diseases.

Even if the individual is not cured, other beneficial effects of energy healing have been observed. For instance, their final days are filled with positive emotions, and they pass away in a state of peace and harmony. Therefore, it is strongly advised to initiate non-surgical and non-pharmaceutical therapeutic procedures. Similarly, it is for those with non-physical ailments of a different nature who desire to feel better.

Discover a great deal more about this topic by downloading the more than fifteen PDF books on energy healing that we have made available in this section of our library.

Energy Healing Book

1) Health Healing and Spirituality The Future of the Churchs Ministry of Healing

Peter Bartmann,Beate Jakob,Ulrich Laepple



2) A Guide To Spiritual Healing

The International Mystic Knowledge Center



3) Perceptions of Healing: Mind, Body and Spiritual Implications For Yoga Ther oga Therapy and Ar y and Art Therapy Students y Students

Robin L Kusilka



4) Crystal Healing Practices in the in the Western World and Beyond

Kristine D Carlos



5) World Religious Views of Health and Healing

Aaron Ketchell,Loretta Pyles,Edward Canda



6) In the Shadows of Medicine and Modernity Medical Integration and Secular Histories of Religious Healing in Turkey

Christopher Dole



7) Does Research Evidence Exist for Spiritual Healing (Presentation)

David Aldridge



8) The Meaning Of Healing Transcending Suffering (Article)

Thomas R Egnew



9) Spiritual Healing in Kongo Tradition Its Nature Scientific Validity Generalization to African Cultures and Modern Continuation (Article)

Kiatezua Lubanzadio Luyaluka



10) On Traditional Healing Practices Subjectivity and Objectivation in Contemporary Therapeutics (Article)

Rodrigo Barros Gewehr,Jessica Baeta,Emanuelle Gomes



11) What Is Traditional About Traditional Healers and Medicines

Mr Mafavuke Ngcobo



12) Health and Healing in the New Testament

Kris DAtri



13) Plants Used in Mexican Plants Used in Mexican Traditional Medicine Traditional Medicin (Presentation)

Armando González Stuart, Ph.D



14) Sociological Perspective of Health Illness and Healing (Presentation)

Dr RN Basu



15) Healing Across Cultures Learning From Traditions (Article)

Todd Pesek,Lonnie Helton,Murali Nair



16) Spiritual Leadership in Health (Article)

Eric R Ram



17) Emotional and Spiritual Healing

Yale School of Medicine


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