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Everyone is an emotional being. Accepting each emotion is crucial to maintaining our physical and mental health, as emotions are an integral part of our existence. This brings up one of the alternative therapies presented below, for which we have chosen biodescodification books in PDF format that will be beneficial for your research.

Biodescodification is a contemporary process that emerged at the end of the twentieth century. It has many supporters but also staunch opponents in the scientific community who assert that it lacks an acceptable scientific basis. Nonetheless, numerous physicians have examined and occasionally utilized it in their medical practice. With our biodescodification publications, you can participate in this stimulating discussion.

To introduce the topic, let’s define biodescodification: it is the identification of the emotional roots of human maladies. According to this theory, each physical symptom is preceded by an emotion that manifests physically (somatization) and ultimately becomes a disease with varying degrees of severity, depending on various factors.

In this way, poorly managed emotions influence our body in various ways, creating an immune system imbalance and making us susceptible to disease. Depending on the emotional conflict and the individual enduring it, a specific type of disease will develop, affecting particular organs and body systems.

A biodescodification dictionary has been developed to approach pathology from the outset to gain a broad understanding of the diseases that mask the original conflict. Nonetheless, it is not a universal formula, as each situation is unique.

We trust that this collection of over ten PDF books on biodescodification will prove useful to anyone interested in studying it and learning its fundamental principles.

Biodescodification Bookd free pdf

1) Cults 2.0-The emotional origin of diseases

Emilio J. Molina



2) Emotions and Health Decision-Making

Rebecca Ferrer, William Klein, Jennifer Lerner



3) Affective immunology: Where emotions and the immune response converge

Fulvio D’Acquisto



4) The Emotional Motor System and Gastrointestinal Symptoms

Pontus Karling



5) Negative Emotions in Skin Disorders-A Systematic Review

Carmela Mento, Amelia Rizzo, Maria Rosaria



6) Spiritual Healing: What is it? Does it work and does it have a place in modern healthcare?

Su Mason



7) Exploring the Mind-Body Connection: Therapeutic Practices and Techniques (Article)

Jan C. Lemon and Buddy Wagner



8) How Stress Affects Your Health (Article)

American Psychological Association



9) A–z of spiritual ilnesses explained

Gurds Hundal



10) Metaphysical Treatment of Disease as the Practice of Medicine

Yale University



11) How Positive Thinking Builds Your Skills, Boosts Your Health, and Improves Your Work

James Clear


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