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Alternative therapies have acquired popularity among patients with various physical and mental disorders. To reject this fact would not only be illogical, but it would also be to deny a reality that appears irreversible. We know our readers are interested in these topics, so we have added a PDF collection of Bach’s flower literature. It is a therapy that has been extensively utilized since the turn of the last century, and its popularity has only increased since then.

Edward Bach, a British physician, experimented with numerous native flowers to develop the Bach flower treatment. He was a true visionary, and he understood that in order to solve the root of all types of pathologies, he would need to create a preventative alternative rather than a cure.

Essentially, this is the premise of most non-conventional therapies available today. Our publications on Bach Flowers contain pertinent information on this intriguing topic.

Bach Flowers is a therapeutic approach in which a series of flower essences are used to treat the emotional root of most diseases. According to this theory, every condition is a physical disorder caused by an unresolved emotional conflict. Fear, resentment, hatred, anxiety, uncertainty, and depression are some of the emotions that Bach flowers can treat.

38 flower varieties are categorized according to the emotion they treat, resulting in a total of seven groups, each of which resolves a distinct emotional conflict. Learn a great deal more about this therapy that has helped millions of people by perusing our over 15 PDF books on Bach flowers.

Bach Flower Books free pdf

1) Patterns of Life Force

Julian Barnard



2) Bach Flower Remedies for pain relief and psychological problems

Tessa Langley



3) Healingherbs – Flower Essences of Dr. Edward Bach

Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz



4) Five Clinical Studies Demonstrate the Effectiveness of Flower Essence Therapy in the Treatment of Depression

Dr.Jeffrey R. Cram



5) Bach Flower Remedies

Crystal Herbs



6) Curative Powers of Bach Remedies

Vedshree Raole, Atodaria Ekta, Gandhi Kajal



7) Flower Essences

Victoria Ferguson



8) Introduction to Flower Essence Therapy (Presentation)

Orna Izakson



9) Healing With Bach(R) Flower Essences: Testing a Complementary Therapy

Robert A Halberstein, Marla M. Ojeda



10) Bach Flower Remedies for psychological problems and pain: a systematic review

Kylie Thaler, Andrea Chapman & Tessa E Langley



11) Bach Flower Remedies and Mixes




12) Holistic Health Care for Cavaliers – The Flowers Remedies

Larry A. Bernstein, VMD



13) Introduction Flower Essences (Article)

Simply Canvas Farm



14) Bach Flower Remedies Applications in Animals (Article)

Lakewood Animal Hospital



15) Bach Flower Essences (Article)

Health Transitions



16) Bach Flower Remedies (Article)




17) Literary Research of Bach Flower Remedies with Respect to Pharmacology and Materia Medica (Article)

Dr. Prerna Tiwari, Dr. Mahan Choudhary



18) Bach Flower Remedies Guide to a Happy Pet (Article)

Accredited Online Holistic Health College



19) Bach flower remedies: a systematic review of randomised clinical trials (Article)

Edzard Ernst



20) The Flower Remedies of Dr. Edward Bach-Directions for Use (Article)

Julie Murray



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